The one that started it all!

"Chupa Loopa" is not only the flagship product of RumandChupacabras, it's a FUN way to get kids of all ages into the bath! This pineapple scented moisturizing glycerin and goat's milk (of course) soap is a gentle cleansing bar for children of all ages!  Colorants include natural toxin and odor absorbing ingredients, like Activated Charcoal.

Fragrance: Pineapple


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Goat's Milk, Oats, Bentonite Clay and

 Glycerin Soap Shave Bar



"Canyon Ridge" is very low fragranced 3-layer bar has a skin soothing and gently moisturizing pre-shave exfoliating side of Oatmeal in a Goatís Milk base, and additional layers that include varying degrees of detoxifying Bentonite Clay in Goatís Milk Base (middle) and Humectant Glycerin Base (Coal black layer). Bentonite clay has a fabulous Ďslipí factor, which helps your razorís edge to glide more smoothly over, under and around all of your 'nooks and crannies'!

Very Low Fragrance: Tranquility and Acaií Berry


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The Deliciously Decadent Bath/Shower Glycerin Bar



"Wine and Roses Loofah Spa" is a fabulously scented Bath/Shower bar which gently exfoliates and hydrates skin. One side contains a slice of all natural Loofah while the other side is enhanced with HAND PICKED (from my Garden!) Rose petals, all in a super moisturizing GLYCERIN soap base.

Due to the nature of some ingredients included in this soap, please allow for natural variations (rose petals) in color range from yellow to orange to deep pinks and red in each bar.

Fragrance: Pinot Grigio and Guava


Available without loofah

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A Hard Working Soap for Gardeners, Mechanics, Coal Miners, Cowpokes, Fishmongers, Prospectors and well, you get the idea!




"Coal Seams & Other Dirty Jobs" (inspired by this glimpse of a mine in New Zealand) is a robust, hard-working soap loaded with exfoliants, natural odor absorbers and soothing moisturizers, to help you get rid of tough dirt & grime.

Contains: Glycerin & Goat's Milk Soap Base.

Exfoliants: Pumice, Bentonite Clay, Baking Soda, Cranberry Seeds, Lemon Extract, Activated Charcoal, Crushed Grape Seeds, Oatmeal & Ground Loofah!

Fragrance: Dragon's Blood and Beau Brummel


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Classy, Exotic and Simply Elegant

This ethereal 100% moisturizing glycerin bar is inspired by the 'Blood Moon', of course! It has an exotic/citrus fragrance that is popular with both Men and Women.

Fragrance:  Blood Orange


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Looks good enough to eat!


"Neapolitan Glacier" is a labor-intensive, multi-stage soap born of a cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage...and, a serendipitous, creative event during soapmaking. Wait...what exactly did THAT mean? It meant a Boo-Boo turned into something AWESOME! It features a cool, icy blue top with chunks calving off and plunging into swirling Neapolitan colored layers of Glycerin and Goat's Milk soaps. Sprinkled throughout you'll find real strawberry seeds for just a touch of exfoliation!

Fragrance blend: Beau Brummel and Dragon's Blood.


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